W.E. Train Consulting…

Whether you call them Hazardous Materials or Dangerous Goods, W.E. Train Consulting,can:

  • help you get them properly classified;
  • help you set up a compliance program;
  • train your employees; and
  • provide periodic audits or assessments.

We can offer assistance in:

  • U.S.domestic shipments (49CFR, ground, water, rail, and air);
  • International air shipments (ICAO, IATA, AIR Shipper);
  • International water shipments (IMO, IMDG);
  • European road shipments (ADR); and
  • Canadian shipments (TDG).

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News & Events

  • CDGP Preparation Course
    • Chicago, IL
      Sept. 20-23, 2016
    • New Jersey
      October 11-14, 2016
    • Orlando, FL  TENTATIVE
      Oct. 26-29
    • Houston, TX
      November 8-11, 2016
    • Tampa, FL
      December 6-9, 2016
    • England, UK
      winter 2017
    • Scotland, UK
      winter 2017