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“You are late.”

“Oh, no, I’m not. I’ve got 2 minutes to spare”, responds my teenager. “Not on a week night”, I answer, “you’re nearly two hours late”. “Get a clue, Dad, there’s no school tomorrow. So, I’m on time”. “It’s still a week night, though, and you’re past the week night deadline”, I say, trying not to […] Read More »

My nephew’s favorite color is red.

I suppose that’s true for lots of boys, and probably for the same reason as Jackson’s. Fire engines are red, fire trucks are red, and fire wagons are red. Jackson doesn’t play with model cars, he plays with model ladder trucks and model pumpers and model fire chiefs’ vehicles. He has his career path all […] Read More »

I almost burned the woods down.

I was younger then. Years ago…, heck, centuries ago…, wait, actually, due to Y2K, technically a millennium ago, I was young and there were drive-in movie theatres across the land. We were at a double-feature, and after the children’s movie would be the latest and greatest James Bond flick. We children were supposed to be […] Read More »