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Only a fool would intentionally smear HazMat on their skin, right?  Only someone with serious emotional issues would, on purpose, squirt HazMat on her/his body, right?  Um, no.  Not right. To reduce the risk of spreading or getting infections, many people smear their hands with hand sanitizer.  In most, not all but most, hand sanitizers, […] Read More »

I’ve got some chemistry

It only took me about 19 years to finish college.  Surprisingly, I did take some courses in most of those years.  I’d enroll, go awhile, and then take some time off.  I’d finish a class or two, drop a class or two, or even just not finish without dropping out.  That last habit didn’t help […] Read More »

My children have this look

My children have this look.  It involves cocking the head just a bit to the side, squinting the eyes slightly, and seemingly saying to themselves “he has spent most of his life in the past century”.  I can earn this look by coming out with some old saying they’ve never heard before.  Most recently, I […] Read More »