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W.E. Train Consulting is the husband and wife team of Gene (William Eugene) Sanders and Tricia Sanders. While Gene has his head in the clouds attempting to slay dragons, Tricia serves as the CFO and well-grounded, common-sense member of the team. Here's how to get in touch with them:




Tampa, FL Phone: (813) 855-3855

Cell Phone: (412) 779-5151

Twitter: @WEtrainDG

FaceBook: WE-Train-Consulting

Manta: W.E. Train Consulting

Linked In: WE Train Consulting

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If not W.E. Train Consulting, use a DGTA certified instructor to ensure high quality ethical training. Anything else may be cheaper, incomplete, a rip-off, or worse; unsafe and non-compliant.

It is the safety of your employees, your customers and everyone in between that's important, so get it right. See our Memberships page. W.E. Train Consulting won’t list anything less than high quality trainers.