Association Memberships…

W.E. Train Consulting is an active, participating member of several organizations:

DGAC—Dangerous Goods Advisory Council

  • Director
  • Co-Chair Program Committee
  • Past Chair Education & Training Committee

DGTA—Dangerous Goods Trainers Association

  • Past Director (on initial Board of Directors)

SCHC—Society for Chemical Hazard Communication

COSTHA—Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles

  • Member Regulatory Affairs Committee

AHMP—Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals

Free Advice:

Yes, there are other companies that offer high quality consulting or excellent training. If you don't use W.E. Train Consulting, how do you know whether you have a cheap, crappy, fly by night operation or something good? Check and look for a DGTA certification. Only the best can get it.